Faculty of Natural Sciences

The Faculty of Natural Sciences provides students with education and research experiences in natural sciences. The Faculty of Natural Sciences maintains a strong commitment to both teaching and research. It provides a range of courses and programmes for students planning careers in the fields related to biotechnology, applied chemistry and environmental chemistry. The graduates are prepared as specialists in the chemical industry, environment, biotechnologies, agriculture and food industry.

General information on study opportunities

The Faculty offers study programmes at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels on a part-time or full-time basis. The study system is mainly based on lecture courses, as well as on individual study. The courses offered by the faculty are conducted in the Slovak language, but some study disciplines of the programme can be lectured in the English language. All courses and degrees at the Faculty are measured according to the ECTS standard.

The faculty trains specialists in the following fields:

  • Biotechnology Bc./BSc.
  • Chemistry and Applied Chemistry Bc./BSc.
  • Environmental Chemistry and Remediation Technologies Bc./ BSc.
  • Applied Informatics Bc./BSc.
  • Applied Biology Bc./BSc.
  • Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry Mgr./MSc.
  • Applied Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry Ph.D.

Graduate profiles

Biotechnologists are prepared to find employment in traditional industries or modern technologies and for activities requiring knowledge of microbiology, fermentation technology, biochemistry and molecular biology, gene engineering, bioinformatics, and mathematical modeling.

Chemists are able to model chemical processes and molecular structures and to study phenomena and processes in living organisms. The graduates can find employment in laboratories for research and development or in chemical facilities dealing with synthesis, production and application of new substances and materials.

Ecochemists are prepared to accomplish measurements and determinations connected to the characterization of environmental parameters. The graduates are skilled in remediation techniques and they are able to fulfill positions in environmental protection, management and research.

The graduates will earn a Bachelor degree in informatics, relevant mathematics and selected disciplines of natural sciences, as well as economic and social sciences. They can be employed in the computer and IT departments in manufacturing companies, research and development workplaces, the corporate sector, public and state administration, in the area of finance and insurance, services and education, or they can be self-employed. They will be competent to work in such professional positions as computer applications developers, programmers, administrators of computer networks as well as in managerial positions in IT departments.

Graduates in Applied Biology will gain theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and competences that will enable them to understand the essential facts, principles and theories in biology, particularly in molecular biology. They will be able to examine and learn interdisciplinarily the substance of natural, technical and social processes taking place around us. After graduation they are well placed to take up careers in a wide range of workplaces in biological and chemical research teams, as well as in individual jobs with a research and technology orientation.