Faculty of Social Sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius was founded in December 2011 as the newest among the other faculties at our university. We focus on research and education in the areas of political science, European studies, public administration and social services and counselling. We are partners of many significant domestic and international scientific projects. Also we have research centres focused on municipal and regional politics and the centre of volunteering work by the faculty. We cooperate with major European and world universities and scientific institutions. The Faculty of Social Sciences UCM opened its field department in Malacky which aims to provide education in the study programmes of „Social services and counselling“ and „Public Administration.“

The aim of the faculty is to create such study programmes that can effectively react to the societal demands today and that are able to educate future qualified experts. In practice it means to be able to function not only in the area of state and municipal administration, but in the sphere of international institutions and non-governmental organisations as well.

The Department of Political Sciences

This department primarily focuses its activities towards the research of European integration (the political, social and economic challenges of integration) and challenges that new EU member states need to address. These challenges do not relate only to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The department organizes field trips for its students to neighbouring countries that include visiting state organizations and becoming familiar with the functioning of the political system in those countries. The department has signed numerous cooperation agreements with European universities and together they actively co-participate in various international projects.

The department offers two study programmes in the form of daily studies or external studies: Political Science – Bachelor/Master European Studies – Bachelor

The Department of the Public Politics and Public Administration

The Department is a scientific and educational workplace systematically focusing on the scientific research and educational activities in the area of public politics and public administration. It aims to become a significant educational institution for preparation of highly - qualified experts in the area of public administration. Currently we have accredited all the levels of study – bachelor, master and doctoral. The Department is also oriented to the problem of social services in senior facilities. The population ageing process has become one of the main problems of contemporary society and our department is among the institutions trying to solve the problem. Based on the study programme, the department would also focus its attention toward other risk groups’ problems.

The department offers 2 study programmes in the form of daily or external programmes: Public Administration – Bachelor/Master/PhD. Social Services and Counselling – Bachelor


MYPLACE is a common multidimensional integrative project FP7 financed within the framework of 2010 call in the area of Social Sciences and Humanities called: Democracy and the shadows of totalitarianism and populism: European experience.” It connects 16 research institutions from 14 European countries as well as 14 engaged public institutions (museums, non-governmental organizations, archives and documentation centres).

The coordinator of the project EC: Department of Sociology University of Warwick UK. Partners of the project at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius: Prof.Mgr. Ladislav Macháček, CSc. and PhDr. Peter Horváth, PhD. Project duration: 2011-2014. http://www.fp7-myplace.eu