FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1.  Is it possible to sign up for the courses offered by other faculties out of the one I am applying for into the learning agreement?
Yes, there is a possibility to sign for the courses out of your chosen faculty, but it must be proceeded before you officially hand out the learning agreement and we also recommend you to contact your faculty coordinator who recommends you the range of interfaculty possibilities as regards choosing subjects of your study.

2.  When am I going to receive the Transcript of Records?
The Transcript of records is an official document issued by the Study Department of the faculty you are applying to. You are going to receive this document after finishing your mobility via e-mail and also the originally signed piece via post to your home university.

3.  When am I going to receive the Acceptance Letter?
The Acceptance Letter is sent by the International Relations Office as soon as we are delivered the Learning Agreement signed by the student and faculty coordinator from sending university.

4.  Is it possible to plan my arrival during the weekend?
It is generally preferred to welcome you during the workdays ideally within the working hours of the International Relations Office in order to be able to help you out with the accommodation and other introductory procedures. Even though we are willing to meet your reasonable requirements for your weekend arrival after an individual discussion.

5.  What are the room facilities of the student´s dormitory like?
The room is for three people (3beds+bedsheets, blankets). It is fully furnished containing a large wardrobe, closet, desk, chairs. Bathroom with toilet is in the corridor generally serving for two or even more room cells.

6.  Do I have any possibility to cook for myself in the room?
Yes, you do have the possibility to prepare your individual dishes in a common fully equipped kitchen corner in the corridor on your room floor. (The equipment you are allowed to use are: Cooker, Oven, microwave oven, refridgerator, freezer, all standard dishes).
You are not allowed to use electrical kitchen appliances within the space of your room cell.

7.  Is there any student canteen where foreign students can regularly eat and what time is such place available for use?
There is a canteen on the main floor of the UCM building (where the dormitory is located). It is open from 8:30-14:30 and with your ISIC card you get a good discount not only for your lunch but also for the wide offer of snacks and drinks throughout the day within the opening hours.

8.  Is there any common space apart from the room that foreign students can use in their free time?
Each floor of your study dormitory offers a common space with the social room as a place for your leisure time student meetings and activities. Because the dormitory is located directly in the main building of UCM, there is a student´s free zone downstairs of the building open non-stop with own kitchen corner free to use.

9.  When am I supposed to return to the dormitory room at night?
The main entrance gate of the building is being opened until midnight and for late arrivals also regularly each hour from 00:00am to 06:00am.

10.  Can I choose who I am going to share my room with in advance?
You have the possibility to choose your room partner but you need to note it down in your application form. This note is proceeded together with your application but the final choice of rooms and their distribution is a subject to be decided according to the capacity by the director of the dormitory.
A lot of students prefer not to share their rooms with their natives for the purpose of getting to know other nationalities and their cultural habbits as well as for a more intense language practice.

11.  Do I need to have a new ISIC card or is it possible to use my own student card from my home University?
You need to have a new ISIC card which is being issued before the date of your arrival and is waiting for you at the International Relation Office. Not only the University, but also other institutions will not accept your home university student card. With this new ISIC card you are also able to get a lot of interesting discounts (e.g. when travelling, eating out, entertaining etc.)

12.  How can I reach ESN centre or contact members of the organisation?
It is generally very convenient for our foreign Erasmus students to live in the dormitory located in the same building where the ESN centre is placed. Therefore it is very easy for students to keep in touch with members of the centre personally not only via e-mail or social networks and so have a good access to all ESN activities and events being organized.

13. Is there any local laundrette, where I can comfortably wash my clothes?
Yes, students living in University dormitory have the possibility to use the university laundry room which is free off charge for foreign Erasmus students. Students pick the keys from laundry room at the gate-house of the main building and leave their green accomodation card here as a deposit in the meantime while washing is being done. The keys are supposed to be returned to the gatehouse as soon as the student is done with their washing.

14. What method of payement can I use? Because I saw that we have to pay before arriving. (accommodation)
The only accepted type of payment is via internet banking transaction.
Erasmus students are supposed to pay for the whole length of their stay- 250€/semester; 475€/for the whole academic year in advance. The payment is accepted no later than the day of student's accommodation boarding. Further information about payment details is being sent by the international relations office directly to the student.

15. Can I arrive a week earlier than the courses' beginning and do you recommend it?
Foreign students are generally preffered not to arrive earlier than the first day of the academic year beginning. Foreign students are provided accommodation on the whole study period at UCM, including holidays.

16. Does the university have doctors that speak English?
Our University does not dispose of any doctor or medical help. It is possible for a student in need to visit the doctor with the assistance of a buddy student or the international relations office. You can never be sure whether the doctor on duty that you are visiting is able to speak English.