Strategic framework for gender equality policy at UCM in Trnava
(approved by the UCM Rector's College on 14.12.2021)

University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava (UCM) considers the equal value of all people and equal opportunities for individuals to be fundamental for the development of modern education and scientific knowledge. In order to make full use of the creative potential of women and men, as well as to develop their personal ambitions, interests and talents, it advocates the provision of equal opportunities for education, working conditions and job appreciation.

By applying gender equality in its daily life and in its development strategies, UCM strives to build the trust that is essential for maintaining the university as a community of free, critical, and creative human beings. In this sense, it creates a respectful space for the personal development of individuals without gender discrimination with the aim of mobilization the human potential of the university, the sustainable development of its innovative capacity and, ultimately, its overall prosperity.