Health Insurance & Medical Care

Health insurance in Slovakia

Under the Act No. 577/2004 Coll., a student from another EU member state or an alien student studying at a school in Slovakia based on an international agreement, that binds the Slovak Republic, is subject to compulsory public health insurance, unless participating in health insurance in another EU member state. Free health care is provided on the base of compulsory public health insurance in the scope specified in the applicable international agreements.

As for the health insurance, all incoming Erasmus-students have to arrange for their health insurance in their home country for their travel and the whole period of their stay before their arrival in the Slovak Republic. There are no limitations to the extent of the insurance.

It is strongly recommended to get the needed information about health insurance regulations with your national authorities before you arrive in Slovakia.

Incoming Erasmus-students from the EU and Switzerland are expected to bring along their international health insurance card (E 111) for their Erasmus-stay in Slovakia, which covers their respective medical treatment in Slovakia in the same way, as it is the case for Slovak students. In addition to that, they can also conclude some commercial health insurance for their stay in Slovakia.

Students coming from the so-called third countries (Turkish students and students from other countries) have to conclude sufficient health insurance for all the possible cases in their home country. In case of a needed medical treatment, it is necessary to pay for their treatment immediately at the doctor’s. Their contractual insurance company will reimburse the costs for the medical treatment concerned to them after their arrival back in their home country.

In case of health insurance concluded in the Slovak Republic, the treatment is free of charge.

Medical Care

In the context of temporary residence, third-country nationals must submit a medical opinion confirming that they do not suffer from a public health threat. These reviews are issued by the following medical devices:

Trnava self-governing region

Bratislava self-governing region

  • Alien Disease Clinic, ZAMA s. r. o., American Square 3, Bratislava, tel .: +421 2 52925688, fax: +421 2 52962732, info(zav.),
  • The Institute of Vaccination and Travel Medicine s. r. o., Teslova 33, Bratislava, tel .: +421 2 44635473, mobile: +421 915 889054, bakos(zav.),

Nitra self-governing region

  • Infectious Diseases Clinic, Outpatient Diseases Clinic, University Hospital Nitra, Špitálska 6, Nitra, phone: +421 37 6545 955, cudzokrajna.ambulancia(zav.),

Trenčín self-governing region

  • Infectology and Tropical Medicine Ambulance, INF TROP-MED s. r. o., Waterfront 5, Prievidza, tel .: +421 46 5113311, jpetrickova(zav.)

Žilina self-governing region

Banská Bystrica self-governing region

  • Outpatient Clinic for Foreign Diseases and Travel Medicine, Department of Infectology of the Faculty Hospital and Clinic of F. D. Roosevelt in Banská Bystrica, Road to Hospital 1, Banská Bystrica, tel .: +421 48/433 53 15,

Košice self-governing region

  • Department of Infectology and Travel Medicine, University Hospital L. Pasteur, Rastislavova 43, Košice, tel .: +421 55 615 2204, occh(zav.),
  • Center for Travel Medicine - Infectology Outpatient Clinic, LV-Medical, s.r.o., Gemerská 3, Košice, tel .: +421 55 62 50 555, ladislav.virag(zav.),

Examination can be taken at any of the clinics listed above, not the clinic closest to the place of residence. Prices for examinations may vary from clinic to clinic. A list of workplaces for foreign diseases and tropical medicine that issue the required medical assessment is available at