How to spend your free time?

Trnava offers many opportunities to spend leisure time, including sport activities, cinemas, theatre and many cafes, bars and restaurants. Walking around the city is an interesting experience thanks to its architecture and beautiful square. Often you can see people riding bicycles through the city, which is a typical means of transport for many of them.

There are also many fitness centres, swimming pools and wellness, too. In the evenings or during weekends students usually meet in local cafes or bars. Some of them are „Čajka, „Cerveza, „Art klub“, „Partizáni“ or „Raspberry“. It is typical also to take breakfast in one of the cafes in the city centre, for examle in „Thalmeiner“ or „Synagoga Café“.

The university often organizes events for students such as breakfasts, trips, parties, thematical days, festivals, balls, conferences or sport activities. At the university you can spend your free and study time in the newly opened student zone equipped with a kitchen.