Photographic Exhibitions

Students from Atelier of Communication in Photo Media (ACPM) opened two photografic exhibitions.

The first exhibition is called Altruism and displays the stories of old people and their relatives who need our help and protection. There is a distinctly present theological and anthropological approach to the capture of activist forms of help for people in need, sick, families with children, animals, but also for nature and sport. "Visualizing altruism through the artistic concept of documentary photography seems to be proving itself and appears to be a simple school cliché, in which, when we misunderstand the subject, we interpret traditional values ​​as the naive idea of ​​the idealized world of expanding love. However, students respond very strongly to this topic with a strong social and sociological appeal," said Jozef Sedlák, head of the ACPM.

The theme of the second exhibition and the title is Alter ego - the second me. The pictures highlight the complexity and complexity of the young people's inner world. Photographs reveal the diversity of their thinking and pose urgent questions. The exhibition, in the form of photographic reflection, analyzes and clarifies the concept of Alter ego, which itself has the character of author's and subjective testimony. "In the case of this topic, we can talk about a project that is from the point of view of a young person in the process, is developing and not finished," Sedlák said.

Exposing students: Alžbeta Sujová, Anita Štúgelová, Anna Hatasová, Barbara Čierna, Dominik Mičuda, Lucia Gechannerová, Katarína Jurková, Kristián Pribila, Kristína Fialová, Lenka Luscoňová, Lucia Repaská, Mária Mudroňová, Miroslav Čupka, Natália Feriančeková, Filip Oláh, Patrícia Gábrišová , Veronika Zemanová, Terézia Petrová.

You can see that in the Ján Palárik Theater until February 28th.

Photo gallery.

Submitted by: Kamil Adamec
Responsible person: Ing. Jana Štefánková
Source: Oddelenie pre styk s verejnosťou
Inserted: 18.2.2019