UCM extremely successful in ICM ERASMUS+

According to the results of the evaluation of applications for the mobility program for partner countries (non-EU countries) in 2019, the International Credit Mobility (ICM), our university is a part of three the most successful universities in this project in Slovakia.

Countries such as Algeria, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Malaysia, Mexico, the Russian Federation, Tanzania, Iran, Iraq, Indonesia are now our project partners.

The Erasmus + ICM program allows students and teachers to cooperate and exchange with universities in Erasmus + partner countries, a number of countries not participating in the standard Erasmus+ program.

In general, European higher education institutions can work with partner institutions outside the European Union through international individual mobility, joint study programs and joint projects, including capacity building projects and the professional development of staff in emerging parts of the world.

Higher education institutions in program countries and partner countries as well as masters and doctoral students may participate in the program.

Submitted by: Kamil Adamec
Responsible person: Ing. Jana Štefánková, Ph. D.
Source: Oddelenie práce s verejnosťou
Inserted: 27.6.2019