FACULTY OF MASS MEDIA COMMUNICATION look forward to meeting you at the international CONFERENCE Megatrends and Media 2020: ON THE EDGE that takes place on April, 22nd 2020 at Faculty of Mass Media Communication UCM in Trnava.

The media world has never been as crazy as it is today. He got to the edge and we all with him. Is everything really different than we imagined?

According to Martin Solík from the organizing committee, the conference seeks to respond to life in a post-factual time, which is full of emotions and deliberately perverted information. "It seems as if it is more exciting to live a false world than the real world. The whole history of mankind is interwoven with fairy tales and myths, it is natural that people also need to have fun, but communication suddenly finds itself not only 'on the edge', but sometimes beyond the edge," explains Martin Solík.

At the same time, he adds that objective facts have been replaced by an appetite for overexposed emotions, and the perpetual search for the truth by falsehoods and instead of important and factual topics we deal with hoaxes in our debates. "A few years ago, I dared to start one of our Megatrends and media conferences, saying, 'Our world is more realistic than ever.' Unfortunately, this claim has ceased to apply. What do we know about the world today? Just what we learn from the media?" says M. Solík.


Submitted by: Kamil Adamec
Responsible person: Ing. Jana Štefánková, Ph. D.
Source: Oddelenie práce s verejnosťou
Inserted: 9.4.2020