Faculty of Mass Media Communication of UCM - Full online lessons from October 3,2020 - for all the students

Due to the worsening epidemiological situation related to the spread of coronavirus, all the students from the external and full-time form of study are also going to take online learning from Saturday - October 3, 2020.

Management of the faculty is sorry about the situation. They do not record any positive case in the first year of all study programs, student safety is currently a priority. This is a preventive measure.

Please be kind, in the coming days the schedules for external students and then also full-time students will gradually increase.

Submitted by: Kamil Adamec
Responsible person: Mgr. Mgr. art. Lenka Biba Slovak
Source: Oddelenie vonkajších vzťahov
Inserted: 5.10.2020