New virtual autopsy table at Faculty of Health Sciences

Faculty of Health Sciences of University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava (UCM) has acquired a new device for teaching needs - a life-size virtual autopsy table.

Anatomage autopsy table is a powerful and effective educational tool. It is the most technologically advanced system of 3D visualization of anatomy and a virtual system for teaching anatomy and physiology. The autopsy table is the only fully segmented true system of human 3D anatomy. Users can visualize the anatomy exactly as it would on a real body. The individual structures are reconstructed in precise 3D, which leads to an unprecedented level of truly accurate anatomy.

Anatomage autopsy table is an advanced technology available to students. Education abroad based on the Anatomage autopsy table has proven to be effective. Precise details and rich content attract students' interest and attention, leading to more effective learning outcomes.

Submitted by: Matej Lackovič
Responsible person: Mgr. Mgr. art. Lenka Biba Slovak
Source: Oddelenie vonkajších vzťahov
Inserted: 11.1.2021