I believe that vaccination is currently the right way...

Dear students of the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, dear colleagues.

September is approaching and with it the beginning of the new academic year 2021/22. We would all like us to start the current year, as has been the custom in previous years, with the grand opening of the new academic year in the university auditorium, where we always met after the summer, shook hands, recapped the previous year, talked about what we did during summer, but also about what awaits us and what we will work on in the new year. Subsequently, we went to study rooms, workplaces, and laboratories to carry out our normal work activities and study.

But everything is different. Given the situation with COVID 19 and the pandemic situation, we must avoid mass meetings so as not to give us an unnecessary opportunity to spread the virus. The ways of mutual contacts and communication as well as teaching have changed.

How do I see this situation and how do I evaluate it? I trust the experts, I closely monitor their statements and after considering their statements and current knowledge on this issue, I currently see probably the only way - to vaccinate as many students and staff as possible. Why? In order for us to meet in full-time teaching, so that students can live in the dormitory, so that the canteen can work, employees meet in meetings and offices, researchers can research, so that we can function relatively "normally".

That is why I appeal to you, students, but also to teachers and all employees of UCM in Trnava, so that you can be vaccinated as soon as possible.

Let us be an example for other inhabitants of the region, because who else, such as a scientist, university student, member of the academic community, is closest to science and scientific knowledge? Who should have the ability to make judgments and make objective findings, if not the academic community?

Thank you for being responsible and I trust that we will all meet on the threshold of the new academic year of health and will face the challenges that the year will bring.

With the wish of common success

Prof. Ing. Roman Boča, DrSc.,
Rector of UCM in Trnava

In the university city of Trnava, on August 12, 2021

Submitted by: Matej Lackovič
Responsible person: Mgr. Mgr. art. Lenka Biba Slovak
Source: Oddelenie vonkajších vzťahov UCM
Inserted: 17.8.2021