The University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius celebrates a quarter of a century

This year, the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius (UCM) in Trnava is celebrating 25 years of existence.

Named after the patrons of education – the scholars Constantine (who later adopted the religious name Cyril) and Methodius, it was established in 1997. Since then, this ambitious and dynamic university has facilitated access to higher education for hundreds of students and consequently increased the education and culture in the region. At the same time, since its inception, it has supported and facilitated the development of science and education in the region and in Slovakia through the implementation of study programmes that have not been developed before, while making space for the emergence of completely new ones. It was the first university in Slovakia where students could study mass media and marketing communication, thus giving graduates a unique edge. At present, UCM offers a special study programme for Environmental Protection and Restoration in Slovakia.

During its 25 years of existence, UCM has progressively diversified its offering of study programmes with research activities and by developing science and research in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences. Through its active cooperation with Slovak and foreign universities, UCM has quickly become a stable part of the Slovak academic space. It carries out international cooperation through more than 200 agreements with foreign universities and institutions in 25 countries in accordance with the internationalisation strategy.

UCM co-initiated the creation of the Consortium of Slovak Universities U10 + and continuously develops relations with other Slovak universities and research and other regional institutions, while maintaining good ties with the business sector.

Today, the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava has five faculties and one institute:

  • Faculty of Mass Media Communication

  • Faculty of Natural Sciences

  • Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Faculty of Arts

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Institute of Management

UCM has accredited rights to carry out study programmes at all three levels of study, as well as the right to conduct habilitation procedures and appoint professors in six fields of study. There are currently 5,600 students studying here. The university provides them with sufficient space in the philosophical, social, mass media and marketing spheres, as well as in the fields of modern natural sciences, mathematics, biotechnology and medical rehabilitation. To date, it has educated more than 28,000 graduates at all three levels of education.

The scientific and research activities of the university are financially supported mainly through grant projects VEGA, APVV and national science and research programmes managed by creative employees of the university. Staff and research teams are involved in various European cooperation programmes and receive additional funding from EU programmes, such as the EU‘s Research and Innovation Framework Programs - Horizon.

Science and research within UCM are developed in the University Science and Creative Park, which has been established to integrate the university‘s scientific and creative infrastructure. Multidisciplinary scientific and creative projects are successfully completed with the intensive participation of students of all levels of study. Through this experience, the university actively prepares them for the labour market. There are 11 excellent teams at UCM, which transform their research potential into the optimisation of operations, including innovations, and into solutions for sustainable development not only of the university but also all of Slovakia.

We are proud of our young ALMA MATER and wish for many more receptive and skilful students, passionate and patient teachers, creative and ambitious researchers and further development and improvement in all areas of UCM as we continue with excellence and success towards “mature adulthood”.

Submitted by: Matej Lackovič
Responsible person: Ing. Jana Štefánková, Ph.D.
Source: Department of Public Relations
Inserted: 7.2.2022