UCM expresses support for Ukraine

The management of the University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, the Presidium of the Academic Senate of the UCM in Trnava, the Student Council of the UCM in Trnava, the management of the faculties of the UCM in Trnava and the entire academic community of the UCM joins the position of the Slovak Rectors' Conference and other universities and colleges in Slovakia and rejects the military attack on Ukraine as an unacceptable aggression against a sovereign state.

Together with Slovak universities, it expresses its support for the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine. The leadership of UCM Trnava rejects the unprecedented attack on the people of Ukraine and expresses its deep sympathy and solidarity with its suffering population.

UCM assesses the situation in Ukraine with concern especially when taking into account the number of Ukrainian students for whom UCM is their  Alma Mater. We would like to express our solidarity with them and assure them that we are looking for ways to alleviate and improve their difficult situation.

As a particular expression of our solidarity, we are implementing the following measures as a first step:

  • Extraordinary scholarship. As the war situation has completely cut some people off from financial resources, we will shortly approach Ukrainian students with the possibility of applying for an extraordinary scholarship. Temporary contact: help.uajohn(zav.)
  • The accommodation fee waiver. All Ukrainian students will have their accommodation fees at J. Herdu dormitory waived by the University of SS. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, starting from today until the end of the summer semester 2021/2022. Contact: sona.krahulcovajohn(zav.)
  • Psychological counselling. We recommend the services of our psychological counselling centre to students and staff: poradnajohn(zav.), Mgr. Jana Holienkova, PhD., jana.holienkovajohn(zav.) If necessary, we will reinforce our staff capacity to help cope with traumatic experiences and anxiety related to the current situation.
  • Taking into account students' impaired ability to participate in classes. Lecturers are asked to provide assistance to students from Ukraine in an effort to help them continue their studies, even if they have difficulty participating physically or online. The lecturers are also asked to help find the best possible solution for their further studies, and their accomodation. Temporary contact: michal.lukacjohn(zav.)
  • We are considering possibility of creating a solidarity account with Ukrainian students to support their studies and social security.

Ukrainian students can contact the newly created email address help.uajohn(zav.) and also vz.srucmjohn(zav.)

prof. Ing. Roman Boča, DrSc., Rector of UCM in Trnava 

In the University City of Trnava, on  February 24th 2022

Submitted by: Matej Lackovič
Responsible person: doc. Ildikó Matušíková, PhD.
Source: Department of Public Relations
Inserted: 25.2.2022
Updated: 27.2.2022