Awarded UCM projects supported by the Research Support Fund in 2022

On December 15, 2022, with the participation of the vice-rector doc. Mgr. Ildikó Matušíková, PhD., vice-dean FF prof. PhDr. Pavla Tišliar, PhD, vice-dean FMK prof. PhDr. Slavomíra Gálik, PhD., FSV vice-dean doc. PhDr. Jaroslava Mihálik, PhD. and vice dean of FPV RNDr. Vanda Adamcova, PhD. held a presentation of the results from the solution of university projects supported by the UCM Research Support Fund in 2022.

The researchers presented their goals, results and publication outputs they achieved within the framework of the support and solution of the project. The vice-rector appreciated the quality of the projects and the effectiveness of the use of the provided funds.

At the end of the presentation, the vice-rector, in agreement with the vice-deans, awarded the best solved projects in 2022, which are:

  • Mgr. Pavol Krajčovič, PhD. from the UCM Faculty of Arts - History of the German population in Slovakia: university textbook,
  • Mgr. Dávid Jablonský, PhD. from the UCM Faculty of Arts - Development of the depiction of the Devil in Christian iconography,
  • Mgr. Peter Krajčovič, PhD. from the Faculty of Mass Media Communication UCM - Research of the environment of social networks in the context of marketing communication and its current trends,
  • RNDr. Šarlota Kaňuková from the Faculty of Natural Sciences UCM - Introduction of an effective in vitro production system and identification of plant stem cells in callus culture,
  • Mgr. Monika Kmeťová from the Faculty of Social Sciences UCM - Youth organizations in political party systems at the national and transnational level.
Submitted by: Šimona Tomková
Responsible person: Mgr. Nikoleta Vanková, MBA., Officer for foreign relations
Inserted: 21.12.2022