Crystal wing award for doc. MUDr. Richard Imrich, DrSc.

As part of the 26th year of the Crystal Wing awards, doc. was awarded in the category of Medicine and Science for the year 2022. MUDr. Richard Imrich, DrSc., who, together with his colleagues, participated in the development of the new drug nitisinone.

The European Medicines Agency has approved it as an effective and safe treatment for people with the genetic disease alkaptonuria ("black bone disease"). Thanks to him, it will also be available to Slovak patients from 2022, which will significantly improve their quality of life.
Doc. MUDr. Imrich, DrSc. is an employee of the Department of Clinical Disciplines, Faculty of Health Sciences, UCM.
The Crystal Wing Award is an award for extraordinary and original achievements in various areas of social, economic, scientific and cultural life.
The main idea of ​​the prestigious award is the presentation of the results of the creative work of the most successful personalities of our country. It unites people who pay tribute to symbols of the greatness of the human spirit, intelligence and beauty. It is a tribute and a reward for extraordinary human achievements.

Congratulations on the important award and we wish you much more success.


Submitted by: Matej Lackovič
Responsible person: Mgr. Nikoleta Vanková, MBA.
Source: International Relations Office
Inserted: 13.3.2023
Updated: 23.3.2023