UCM laboratory- one of a kind in Slovakia!

At the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, in the premises of the Faculty of Mass Media Communication, the first specialized center for electronic sports was established. It will be used for scientific and advanced tasks with the theme of streaming and e-sports, and it will also serve as a trainer for e-sports teams, teaching, but also events and e-sports tournaments.

The center offers top-notch equipment and the opportunity for electronic sports training, organizing tournaments and their live broadcast. At the same time, it creates an opportunity for students of the Digital Game Theory study program at FMK UCM to complete electronic sports as an optional subject in new and modernized spaces or to apply scientific research tasks here.

"Today, electronic sports are not only among popular leisure activities, but also among elite jobs. However, their live broadcasts are also becoming more and more popular. Today, millions of people all over the world watch how the world's best players play games, thanks to which they earn millions of dollars or euros," said Michal Kabát from the Faculty of Mass Media Communication of UCM in Trnava, who teaches electronic sports.

However, playing games also brings the opportunity to develop organizational skills and the so-called soft skills. In addition, students learn to manage emotions and work in a team, which they can apply in various professions. They will also help them with careers in the gaming industry as well as extracurricular activities.

"We see electronic sports as an opportunity to develop these skills. We want to focus on young talents, support them and cooperate with the wider public, the community of experts and connect the academic environment with practice," added M. Kabát.

The center was created in cooperation with Red Bull Slovakia, Lancraft and FMK UCM in Trnava. It is the first center of its kind in Slovakia. Similar centers are built, for example, at universities in Toronto or Lithuania.

UCM in Trnava thus belongs to European universities where students study digital and classic games, their psychology, marketing and creation. Despite its primarily theoretical focus, the Digital Game Theory study program provides students with a wide range of activities and subjects that expand their skills spectrum and applicability in a rapidly expanding field. Most of them were created and operate at the initiative of students. Some even found their place in

the calendar of regular events and others directly in the schedule. In addition, students also develop digital games and their use in the educational process.

Submitted by: Kristína Kameníková
Inserted: 17.3.2023
Updated: 21.3.2023