The magazine "Atteliér" celebrates 20 years

The university magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The milestone is being commemorated with journalistic discussions featuring alumni and journalists on current topics.

The magazine is composed of university students under the guidance of experienced educators. Over the course of two decades, it has produced a whole range of professionals and well-known journalists. Its founder is Júlia Kováčová, who has passed on her valuable experience to the students from the magazine's inception to the present.

The first issue was created in modest conditions and was printed in November 2003 on the school risograph. The first two volumes were printed on unbound A3 pages. Some editors still remember the regular task of arranging freshly printed pages into a meaningful magazine.

The magazine's first major success came in 2005 when it won first place in the university magazine category at the national Štúrovo Pero journalism competition in Zvolen. The success was repeated the following year. The magazine defended its title at Štúrovo Pero in 2008 and achieved the same feat in 2011, 2012, and 2015.

In 2021, Atteliér won a total of seven awards from Štúrovo Pero, making it one of the most awarded student magazines in Slovakia.

Atteliér offers students the opportunity to try their hand at working for a monthly magazine, not only as editors but also as photographers and graphic designers. Its topics are quite diverse, covering current events at the university, such as events, lectures with experts from the field, workshops, and conferences, as well as current social issues.

In addition, the magazine features graduates and educators who work at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius. Atteliér also covers the area in which future graduates will work, namely media and marketing, and does not forget about topics that are part of student life, such as dormitories, student events, concerts, and everyday curiosities.

The editorial team also includes the website

Students are keeping up with the times and are creating podcasts and videos.

"The success of Atteliér is mainly due to the fact that it is not just a magazine, but also a gradually evolving community of people who share their experience and know-how. They are not just colleagues or classmates, but friendships and long-lasting friendships are formed within the editorial team. Students are united mainly by their love for journalism, but also for graphics," said Magdaléna Švecová from the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at UCM in Trnava, who served as the magazine's editor-in-chief and now focuses on educating new graduates.

Submitted by: Kristína Kameníková
Responsible person: Bc. Kristína Kameníková
Source: UCM in Trnava
Inserted: 3.5.2023