The workshop directed him towards a career in journalism, and today he works at Denník N. Pavel Bielik originally wanted to become an actor – an interview

Faculty of Mass Media Communication students may remember him as a daily doctoral student whom they met at seminars or lectures. However, after defending his dissertation and due to the uncertainty of an academic career, he left the university environment and now focuses fully on sports journalism.

I cannot help but ask at the beginning. Did you aspire to be a journalist when you started university?

Not at all, I always wanted to pursue an artistic path, to be an actor. I had two unsuccessful talent auditions for drama schools in Bratislava and Banská Bystrica. Besides that, I was considering becoming a theater director or a screenwriter. That's what my childhood was all about, I was involved in amateur theater and made amateur movies. That's what I enjoyed doing. However, since I didn't get into drama school, I looked for an alternative and that's how I ended up at FMK. Later, when I saw the Atteliér logo, I knew that this was something for me. I took the opportunity and started to get involved in it.

So, you don't regret that "the twist of fate" brought you to our school?

It was about whether I would regret my whole life that something didn't work out for me, or I would seize another opportunity. Today, almost 10 years after starting at FMK, I can say that I do not regret it.

So everything bad is good for something?

Yes, exactly.
The period during which you contributed to school periodicals is definitely associated with Štúr's pen competition- being the winner of individual and collective awards.

If I remember correctly, we won two second places at Štúr's pen for interviews co-authored with Braňo Opral, who currently works at FMK as an assistant professor.

These are very pleasant memories. I met many interesting people there, our collective became stronger, new friendships began. Štúr's pen is indeed a competition, but in journalism it should never be only about that.

First of all, it is a showcase of quality work. I was very inspired by Ria Gehrerová (journalist from Denník N - editor's note), who was already working in the media at the time, and it was actually her "fault" that we never won Štúr's pen.

When she competed with us during both years, we had to actually accept defeat (laughs).

You can find out more on the Atteliér website (in Slovak language).

Autor: Sebastián Soroka
Foto: Pavel Bielik 

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Inserted: 3.5.2023