Social sciences are not boring! With us, you will learn how society and politics work

Abstract concepts will get precise contours. We will introduce you to the secrets of social sciences in a comfortable environment. The faculty operates in a new building with quality classrooms and exceptional equipment.

You can choose from three study programs: public administration, European studies and politics, and social services and counseling.

Mix your subjects

In public administration, you will have lectures with experts, we will involve you in projects, you will experience interesting discussions, practical tips, travel opportunities, and we also provide maximum space for discussion. This study program carefully links study directions and provides students with a comprehensive package of information and practical skills. It is up to you how you complete your study profile. In addition to compulsory subjects, you can also study management, marketing, and communication in public administration, political marketing, and other attractive areas that are taught not only by respected academics but also by professionals from practice. It is up to you how you mix these subjects.

Become an expert in politics

Do you want to learn about how society, politics, EU institutions, and international relations work? Then the European Studies and Politics program is perfect for you. You'll also learn critical thinking, analytical skills, and creative problem-solving. You'll become an expert in different areas of politics, not only in Slovakia but also in the EU. You'll gain practical experience by doing internships in national and international institutions, government and local government bodies, and partner universities in Portugal, Spain, Germany, Finland, Lithuania, and others.

For those who want to help others

If you're interested in social care topics like palliative care or missionary and charitable work, the Social Work and Counseling program is perfect for you. It's designed for those who care about the fate of others and who have the knowledge and skills to help them during and after their studies. We offer an exclusive connection between theory and practice, and you'll be able to try helping others in real-life situations. We'll also help you find internships at ministries or the Social Insurance Agency, and you can study at many foreign universities.

Modern and progressive faculty

FSV strives to keep up with the times, resulting in many interesting events and innovative solutions. We're active on social media and organize various events, such as the increasingly popular UNI-quiz, the Dean's Cup Football and Volleyball tournaments, Open Days, and Student Days with competitions, guided tours of the city of Trnava, and interesting workshops.

One of the latest activities is a modern and original TOUR APP FSV - an audio guide that allows students to effortlessly listen to information about the faculty, student life, dining, projects, and more. We also have the first university student ombudsman, whom FSV UCM students can turn to when dealing with administrative problems related to studying at the faculty.

For science and for the soul

We have also established various centers, one of which is the Center for Participation Support, which also organizes a participatory competition called "There's No City Like Our City" and has the ambition to operate at a national level.

Other important centers include the Crisis Management Center of FSV UCM and the Research Center for Social Isolation and Social Development.

For more information about individual study programs and activities at FSV UCM in Trnava, visit There is also a dedicated website for applicants to FSV.

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2023.

Accredited study programs:

Bachelor's degree
Public Administration / full-time and part-time form
European Studies and Policies / full-time and part-time form
Social Services and Counseling / full-time and part-time form

Master's degree
Public Administration / full-time and part-time form
European Studies and Policies / full-time and part-time form
Social Services and Counseling / full-time and part-time form

PhD. degree
Public Policy and Public Administration / full-time and part-time form
Social Policy / full-time and part-time form

Submitted by: Kristína Kameníková
Responsible person: Bc. Kristína Kameníková
Source: Faculty of Social Sciences
Inserted: 3.5.2023