Nomination deadlines

Nomination deadlines

  • Nomination deadlines:
    Winter term: 31.5.
    Spring term: 30.11.
  • Application deadlines:
    Winter term: 15.6.
    Spring term: 15.12.

Mandatory mention of the following data for every student:

  • Name of the Institution;
  • Erasmus Code;
  • Family name of the student;
  • Given names;
  • Gender;
  • Valid e-mail address of the student;
  • Erasmus subject area;
  • Period of stay (winter term, all Academic Year, spring term).

All nominated students will receive information on the application process.
Students who need to apply for a visa are recommended to deal with the application as quickly as possible.

The list of your nominated students has to be send to erasmusjohn(zav.) (International Relations Office).