doc. Ing. Stacho Zdenko, PhD.

kontakt: tel. 033 556 56 35
e-mail: zdenko.stachojohn(zav.)

Assoc. Prof. Stacho graduated from MTF STU with a seat in Trnava, where he received a PhD title. At the Comenius University in Bratislava, he obtained a scientific - pedagogic title Assoc. Prof. in study program Management. From 2011 he worked as a lecturer at The Faculty of Management of VŠEMvs and from 2016 acted as a director of the Department of Small and Medium Entrepreneurship, Economics and Management Institute of the faculty VŠEMvs, as well as a member of the Quality Board. During his academic career, he has been a supervisor of more than 50 master thesis and 35 bachelor and doctoral thesis. Scientific-research activities in which he is actively engaged as head of the research team or as a collaborator for several scientific projects (VEGA, APVV, IGP,...) are mainly focused on the field of management and human resources management. He is author and co-author of many textbooks, 5 monographies from which 3 are international and more than 70 scientific publications from which 22 are registered in important international professional databases (Scopus, WoS, CCC). He has a lot of feedback on his publishing activities. Only in the database of Scopus are his publications quoted more than 100 times and in overall his citation index in the database of Scopus is at the level (h-index = 7).