The university offers an opportunity to study in these programmes:

Psychology, History and Applied History in Cyberspace, German Language, Russian Language, Slovak Language and Literature, French Language, Teacher-Training Programme, History, Ethnology and Middle Eastern Studies, English Language, Ethnology, Theory of Digital Games, Biology, Protection and Restoration of the Environment Biotechnology, Applied Informatis, Applied Chemistry, Philosophy, Radiology, Quality Management, Management in Tourism and Hotel Industry, Mass Media Communication, Marke􀆟ng Communication, Public Administration Applied Media Studies, Public Politics, Management of Public Services, Political Science, European Studies and policy and many other programmes at the faculties and institutes mentioned below - Complete offer.

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The University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius was established on 1st August 1997 by the Act of the Slovak National Council No 201/1997. The aim of the university is to educate qualified experts in the sense of Christian and national ideas and democratic principles. The graduates, having high moral principles, civil and social responsibilities, will be able to develop Slovak culture, science and knowledge in the context of the European and world cultural heritage.

The University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius is a modern education institution that forms the student´s self - confidence, creative and independent thought and national consciousness. The university offers enough space for the development of knowledge base through studying, research and other creative work in the sphere of philosophy, arts and media, as well as in natural sciences, biotechnology, informatics, chemistry, but in the sphere of psychology, pedagogy, history, ethnology, political science and Slovak language, Russian language, English language, German language too.

The university gives students and teachers possibilities to participate in public life and create a civil society with the focus on education following the principles of democracy, humanism and tolerance. The university comprises the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Mass Media Communication, the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Institute of Civil Society and the Institute of Physiotheraphy, Balneology and Therapeutic Rehabilitation seated in Piešťany.

University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius is concluding bilateral and multilateral contracts, international cooperation agreements, university is as a member of consortia, we proof equal conditions for all university students - domestic and foreign, support for academic mobility, we make an association of foreign students, intercultural dialogue and its dissemination is an idea of ​​our university, the university is also a member of many scientific and research projects with international competence. We see education as the key to the sustainability of each person's personality development, and therefore we make sure that each of our students and those interested in study has equal access to education in terms of human rights.

List of study programmes offered in English or other foreign languages: