How to study abroad? Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Adrián Pavlačič from the Faculty of Mass Media Communication spent his Erasmus in the Netherlands.

The marketing student decided to undertake mobility due to a similarly positive past experience. "Staying in a foreign country taught me to be more independent because I had to arrange everything myself. And I also had to learn to solve problems. Besides, I had many opportunities to be assertive," says Adrián.

The future marketer also praises the level of teaching, which was practical. "The program focused on creating a marketing campaign, insight, and quality communication in marketing," he describes. In addition, he learned something about storytelling in advertising, marketing tools, and the creation of audio content and graphics. "Saxion is technologically equipped, with education quality and style at a world-class level," says Adrián.

He also positively evaluates the experiences with new people abroad. Like others, he got to know other Erasmus students with whom he went on numerous trips and has beautiful memories of them. "I recommend everyone to experience such a thing. One of the greatest advantages of mobility is improvement in a foreign language and gaining new friendships," concludes Adrián.

Submitted by: Andrej Brník
Responsible person: Mgr. Nikoleta Vanková, MBA
Source: PR UCM
Inserted: 26.1.2024