FMK opens its own creative center for talent development

The main intention is to create an incubation program for those interested in entrepreneurship or for already starting or existing entrepreneurs operating in the cultural and creative industry sector.

The Skladová Creative Center (KCS) was established as part of the call of the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic to mobilize creative potential in the regions. His specialty is the gaming and audiovisual industry. However, it also focuses on photography, marketing, and media creation. KCS is located in the premises of the Faculty of Mass Media Communication of the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, where, in addition to the newly created premises, together with the supplied technology, it combines the already existing infrastructure into one functional unit.

"The aim of this complex is to provide space to those interested from the Trnava region, but also from other parts of Slovakia. If necessary, we will provide spaces for photography, creation of audiovisual works and podcasts to those interested in the field of game development and electronic sports. In turn, students will get opportunities to engage in the field of digital games, marketing communication and the audiovisual industry. We will ensure this with incubation and acceleration business programs, professional mentoring, lectures, and workshops," said Ľudmila Čábyová, dean of the Faculty of Mass Media Communication at UCM in Trnava. As part of the provided financial contribution, an area with an area of approximately 650 m2 was completely renovated, two new multifunctional rooms for teamwork and lectures, co-working, a barrier-free area were built, and three specialized laboratories were technologically renovated. The total amount of expenses was planned for 1.44 million euros, while 400,000 euros were allocated for technologies and the amount of co-financing was 72,000 euros. "In terms of contribution, it is among the smallest creative centers, but with its potential it covers a new, dynamically developing industry, which is unique among emerging creative centers. This is a specific place that serves to develop talents and budding entrepreneurs in the rapidly developing segment of digital games and in the associated audiovisual industry," said the rector of the University of St. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava Katarína Slobodová Nováková.

The creative center also offers top technological equipment. Photo studios, virtual and augmented reality laboratories or a television studio are available. Technologies for game testing and development are also part of the technological infrastructure.

Submitted by: Andrej Brník
Responsible person: Mgr. Nikola Vanková, MBA.
Source: PR UCM
Inserted: 22.2.2024