Our rector, Katarína Slobodová Nováková, is among the nominees for Slovak of the Year

The nomination of the ethnologist and researcher in the education category already acknowledges her professional achievements and determination, and at the same time, it is a significant recognition for our university. Support your alma mater by participating in the voting!

The weekly magazine Slovenka, in collaboration with RTVS, has launched the 16th edition of the Slovenka of the Year readers' poll, which annually seeks out and celebrates the success, hard work, and contributions of exceptional Slovak women in various areas of life. In this year's poll, 27 successful Slovak women have been nominated across nine categories, including education. 

The nomination of UCM Rector Prof. Mgr. Katarína Slobodová Nováková, PhD., is a recognition of her significant contribution to the development of the academic sphere and education in Slovakia. As a long-standing member of the academic community and currently the rector of one of the leading Slovak universities, she significantly contributes to shaping educational trends and policies that have a direct impact on future generations of students. Additionally, her nomination positively contributes to the promotion of UCM. 

In the education category, alongside the UCM rector, the director of the United School in Ivanka pri Dunaji, Katarína Kubišová, and the founder of the 1st Private Banská Bystrica Gymnasium, Martina Murgašová, have also been nominated.

How to vote?

The Slovenka of the Year poll offers the public the opportunity to vote for their favorites in each category via SMS, coupons, or through online voting on the official website The voting, which connects Slovenka magazine readers with RTVS viewers and listeners, will culminate on June 20th during the ceremonial gala evening at the Slovak Philharmonic, which will be broadcast live on RTVS on channel Jednotka.

We invite everyone to support our rector and demonstrate the strength of our academic community by casting their vote and contributing to the recognition of her exceptional contribution to education and culture in Slovakia.

You can vote until June 20, 2024, 12:00 PM, via SMS na number 7400 in the format: SR 18, using coupons from Slovenka magazine, or online. The SMS cost is 1 euro with VAT, provided by the company goodgames, s. r. o.

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Interview with Rector Prof. Katarína Slobodová Nováková about her nomination on Trnavský Rádio (in slovak language).

 About Katarína Slobodová Nováková

She has been dedicated to the education and training of future ethnologists for almost 20 years. In her activities, she focuses on educating students at all levels of study, especially in the areas of traditional material culture, cultural heritage, and ethnic minorities. As one of the few in Slovakia, she explores topics such as agrarian or culinary culture, traditional transportation, the theme of mountain carrying, and Slovaks abroad. She is the youngest professor of ethnology in Slovakia. She has conducted research and stays with her students both domestically and abroad, especially in African Tanzania, Zambia, Iraqi Kurdistan, and Canada. She has trained foreign doctoral students from partner universities.

She has published several key monographs and scientific studies for the development of the field, textbooks for students, and dedicates herself to popularizing ethnology as a science, presenting researched topics to the general public through popular scientific publications, lectures, exhibitions, or popularization interviews for the media. She is a member of several scientific councils of universities, the Slovak Folklore Society, and the Czech Ethnographic Society. She has received several awards for her publications. She actively advocates for greater support for small departments of humanities and social sciences and the appreciation of their importance in society. At the university, she has served as the head of the Department of Ethnology and Non-European Studies, vice-dean for education, and twice as the dean of the Faculty of Arts. She initiated the establishment of a student ombudsman for students with specific needs and strongly supports the activities of the UCM student council, student media, student groups, and interest associations at the university. Her professional and personal motto: Memory is needed for lies, courage is needed for truth!

Submitted by: Andrej Brník
Responsible person: Mgr. Nikola Vanková, MBA
Source: PR UCM
Inserted: 13.3.2024