Rector's Address

Time elapses leaving certain traces in us. For people, it is a life cycle.  First we are young, full of enthusiasm, later sensible, and, at the senior age, maybe be tired and exhausted. Then we recall: "How was it 20 years ago?" What have we gained, achieved or lost since then?

And what 20 years mean in case of this University? Is it like a plump beautiful young woman? What was it like 20 years ago? As I always emphasize, it is students who make a university. Are they here? They are! Also, it is teachers/professors who make a university. Are they here? Yes, they are! Then, it is accreditation that makes it. Have we got it? Yes, we have! University also needs financial resources. Have we got them? Yes, we have! So let us treat this amazing fortune we have been entrusted and cultivate it for the benefit of the elite of this nation and nationalities, i.e. the academically educated generation of the Slovak Republic in the centre and core of Europe. Let us be proud and elated of what the founders of this University have done. Let us be proud and elated of what their followers - teachers, associate professors, professors, technical staff and academics - have achieved.

Let us get rid of negative passions. Dear colleagues, let us build the solid student-teacher, student-student, teacher-teacher, student-public and teacher-public relationships within the spirit of the University Code of Ethics. Let us do our best for our students so that they can study diligently and find adequate jobs. Let us continue building the incubators for talented students and future successful graduates - the Departments, such as the Department of Psychology, Department of Ethnology and Non-European Studies, Department of Philosophy and Applied Philosophy, Department of History and Central European Studies, Department of Russian Studies, Department of German Studies, Department of English and American Studies, Department of the Slovak Language and Literature, Department of Pedagogy, Department of Mass-Media Communication, Department of Marketing Communication, Department of Art Communication, Department of Media Education, Department of Law Science and Humanities, Department of Language Communication, Department of the Digital Games Theory, Department of Applied Informatics and Mathematics, Department of Chemistry, Department of Biotechnology, Department of Eco-chemistry and Radio-ecology, Department of Biology, Department of Specialized Language Training, Department of Biophysics, Department of Public Administration, Department of Political Sciences, Department of Social Services and Counselling, Department of Physiotherapy, Department of Radiology and others.

Let us be proud of our modern classrooms equipped with the latest audio-visual technology, our own TV and Radio Studios, Language Laboratories, Training Laboratories for Special Educational Needs, Psychology Laboratory, Ethnology Laboratory, Pedagogy Laboratory, Multimedia and Videoconferencing Room, Chemistry Laboratories, Biology and Biotechnology Laboratories, Laboratories with Physiotherapy Aids, Physics Laboratories, Radiology Laboratories and Computer Science Laboratories, as well as the latest assets such as GIS Laboratory (Geographic Information Systems), the GMO Laboratory (Genetically Modified Organisms) and the PET Laboratory (Positron Emission Tomography) in the monitored zone of radiation protection, etc. The above-mentioned infrastructure represents the values of millions euros.

In addition to many other activities, the UCM Faculties publish a series of periodical journals and regularly organize international scientific conferences. Students participate in mobility and internships under the ERASMUS+ programme. They are successful in domestic and international sports competitions.

As for the University teaching and scientific staff, two professors have been awarded the "Scientist of the Year of the Slovak Republic". Many UCM teachers have won the Literary Fund Award and several other domestic and international awards. Numerous scientists and teachers are joining the UCM despite humble financial remuneration.

In 20 years of its existence, 14,041 Bachelors, 10,011 Masters and 198 PhD students have graduated from the UCM.

It fills us all with great pride to be part of this Alma Mater - the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava.

Professor Ing. Roman Boča, DrSc.