Medzinárodné vedecko – výskumné projekty

  • Horizont 2020: E u r o p e a n C o h o r t Development Project (ID: 777449) INFRADEV-01-2017 - Design Studies
    • International Visegrad Fund
    • Practical Aspects of Civic Participation and Referendum in the Visegrad Group Countries after 1989
  • Participatory budget in V4 Countries
  • FP7: Interplay of European, National and Regional Identities (ID: 217227)
  • FP7: MY PLACE (ID: 266831) SSH-2010-5.1-1 - Democracy and the shadows of totalitarianism and populism: the European experience - Memory, Youth, Political Legacy and Civic Engagement
  • FP7: MY WEB Measuring Youth Well-Being (ID: 613368)
  • Jean Monnet Erasmus+: Migration: The Challenge of European States (ID: 575520)