WiFi (EN)

Which SSID (WiFi network) should I connect to?

UCM – for common use,

UCM-limitovana – for quick access to AIS, university/faculty web pages and IT helpdesk,

eduroam – use if your home university supports EDUROAM

What do I need for connection?

  1. Login credentials
    1. if you are student (also PhD) then your username is your IDO from AIS,
    2. if you are employee then your username is your personal number,
    3. default password is your birth (natal) number from AIS, we strongly encourage you to change it as soon as possible at https://wifi.ucm.sk/chpass/chpass.php.
  2. You need a configured device for UCM or eduroam wireless network connection.

How do I configure my device?

Settings for UCM SSID:

  1. SSID/name: UCM
  2. security type: WPA2 enterprise
  3. authentication protocol: PEAP
  4. authentication method: MSCHAPv2
  5. outer (anonymouse) identity: empty (leave blank)
  6. inner identity (username): IDO (e.g. 2796874)


  1. Windows XP SP3: video manual how to configure profile
  2. Windows 7 and higher: video manual or configuration program, which sets up everything (download and execute), alternate setting in case you have problem with connection (you can use configuration program and install profile without verifying server)
  3. Android: video manual how to connect
  4. iOS:  video manual how to connect, or profile, which sets up everything (download and execute – see this video manual)
  5. Windows 10 Mobile: video manual how to connect
  6. Linux: video manual how to connect
  7. macOS: video manual how to connect, or profile, which sets up everything (download a start - see this video manual)

For connection to eduroam network see Eduroam web page.

Frequently asked questions

  1. What is UCM-limitovana for?
    This SSID is for cases when you are unable to connect to UCM SSID and you need to check this help page or you’d like to contact our technical support. It is specially intended for freshmen during their first days of stay at university.
    This network does not have access to internet, but only to AIS, university/faculty web pages, e-learning portals and library information system.
  2. What is eduroam network for?
    This network is intended for guests from other universities. You also may use this network when you are at another university, then your login and password are the same as for UCM SSID. Erasmus students use their own usernames and passwords for their university.
  3. What is my WIFI password?
    Initial password is your birth (natal) number without “/” (for example 9988776655). We recommend you to change password at https://wifi.ucm.sk/chpass/chpass.php.
    Passwords for UCM and eduroam SSID are same.
  4. I am connected to WIFI, but internet is not working.
    First of all you need to make sure that you are not connected to UCM-limitovana SSID, which does not support access to internet.
  5. Why do I need to accept the terms of use?
    More precisely you have to acknowledge the terms of use. This obligation is imposed by law. If you don’t then you won’t be able to connect to internet.